Experience The Light

Do you struggle with anxiety over what may seem to be a small thing?

Do you have cycles of stress and anxiety that you cannot seem to get past?

Do you feel like you keep hitting a wall or that you are in a rut with God?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we at Gateway Family church may have an answer for you. We call the ministry for this area “Experience the Light”


What is Experience the Light?

Experience the Light is a ministry designed for finding the things that block your destiny and for giving you the ability to move past them forever. Experience the Light will allow you to hear from the Holy Spirit for yourself and for you to find your freedom.

People think their pain is coming from their present, but it is coming from their past. The past could be shadowing or obscuring truth that could lead toward resolution of the present.  Our brains associate current things with past things – for example, a situation at work has similarity with a childhood incident with a brother, and suddenly we are acting as if we are involved in a sibling fight.  Something that was said or done today reminded us, on a deep level, of something we learned much earlier.

The problem is that some of what we learned is based on lies, rather than in truth.  Every time we heard and believed statements like, “You’re no good,” “You’ll never be worth anything,” “I wish you weren’t here,” lies were planted into our souls.  When we believed we were abandoned, unwanted, or unloved, we believed lies.

Why are those lies?  Because Jesus has been beside us, has loved us and will never stop loving us.  There is no question of His love — the Bible is very clear of the unconditional and unending qualities of His love – the question is only whether our personal mindset allows us to believe that.  There is no question of His opinion of our value – He expressed that opinion when He died for us.

For more information, email Lisa at earz2hear@sbcglobal.net or sign up at Gateway’s Information Desk, where you can find more information about “Experience the Light”.